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Gayle: a thunder

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Did you watched yesterday's Bangalore Vs Mumbai IPL match? If not, may be you missed something. 
A thunder called Chris Gayle. 
When the match started, things were looking pretty much in control of bowlers. Mitchell Johnson's first over was amazing. His first bowl itself made it clear, its not an easy track. Even Gayle could not resist and tried to laugh it off, how he could not read that first ball. Dilshan was pretty much clueless of what's happening with the ball. When Mitchell returned in the third over, he made Dilshan's job easier by bowling a superb delivery falling on the wickets. Gosh, what ever we decide, not to waste time watching cricket or IPL for that matter, such balls make you think, oh what the hell, lets watch it.
Anyway, Gayle was quiet for all this time trying to understand the pitch. He hardly scored 10 runs in 17 deliveries he faced. But then the thunder struck. Things changed suddenly and we once again realized what Chris Gayle is. He hit 5 sixes. I distinctly remember one six he hit to Harbhajan Singh. It was pretty much a brutal attack on Harbhajan.  That shot made Harbhajan look like an inexperienced and easy bowler to play. 
Gayle's presence in the team has created an aura around Bangalore team. Its worth giving a thought to imagine Bangalore team without Gayle and then supporting. Don't miss Gayle's batting, if you wish to see some awestruck moments. 
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