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Bisleri 500 : Kiss to drink

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With the summer heat picking, one thing no one can avoid is water. And so, the commercials for different packaged water bottles are a new set of advertisements to look out for. Bisleri with 500ml water bottle has started airing couple of funny ads motivating people bye their own water bottle.
In these commercials, there is a shy college girl/a newly wed bride/an old lady whose purse is stolen by a thief. Another character in these ads is a popular guy among girls/the newly wed groom/the Superman who helped the old lady by catching the thief. These female characters have no problem in sharing their water bottle, but they have a strong objection when one drinks water from bottles by touching it to their lips. An aggressive reactions erupts saying "Kiss karke pina hai to apni bottle kharid". Even Superman could not avoid this assault.The commercials have turned funny and surely make you check it again. Few things that hit my mind after watching these commercials.
One thing is sure that the kind of content feeling you get on drinking water by touching it to lips can not be obtained by any other ways even if the water is too good and ample. Surely, that is something you can not get if you are sharing some body's water. The ad makers just picked up this to make the central them of their ads.
These ads though have ruined the romantic idea behind "Kiss". In Hindi, people normally say, "Muh laga ke mat pina" means, "Don't touch it to mouth while drinking". While trying to have an attractive tag line for the ads and also funny, they have used the concept of kiss in a very bad manner.
Bisleri surely has become a reference for packaged water. Like Xerox is for photo copy, Bisleri is a synonym for packaged drinking water. People generally don't desperately search for Bisleri. Any packaged water bottle available around that is bought is termed as Bisleri.
I am not sure whether Bisleri really require such ad campaigns and if these ads will work for Bisleri.
But surely these ads have brought some new meanings (or demean) some words known for other reasons.
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