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Jab Sath ho 7up: I feel up

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Have you seen these new commercials for 7up. You possibly must have seen, but if not take a look.

 The girl in the ad waiting for somebody or the boy going for the Mumbai local train are little down and restless when a guy in Kathakali outfit / woman in Kimono respectively offers them 7up. Then unlike one expect them to dance on Kathakali/ Japanese traditional music, they start dancing on offbeat and funky music with unorthodox dance moves. This appears hilarious to surrounding people and makes the environment lighter and ups every body's mood. This is the theme behind these ads where 7up ups every body's mood by offering something unexpected."Jab Sath ho 7up: I feel up"
Though the theme is interesting, somehow it doesn't seem to be working. First of all, it doesn't appear from the body language of the girl/guy that they are down and they require something like 7up to cheer them up. Second, whole scene doesn't look natural but looks more like part of flash mob. Third thing is about the attire of the dancers. Though the attire of Kathakali/ Kimono is a requirement of the theme, but somewhere it disappoints and feels bad to see funky steps in those attires. I always have found kind of respect for the Kathakali dance and dancers. When you see a Kathakali dancer, you expect a grace that comes with that whole costume. Same is the case with Kimono. It somehow does not well on eyes.
I used to look forward for 7up's ads. Its Fido Dido is one of my favorite characters. These ads are pretty much disappointments compared to that.
Overall these ads doesn't rise to its earlier standards and are more or less forgettable after first watch. What do you think?
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