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Tatasky: for hard working Indians

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Here comes one of the longest ads in the history of Indian Television. Tatasky has started airing a series of new ads with a background of jail as a theme of the ads. This ad has a bunch of prisoners from other countries who try to escape from jail considering India-Pakistan match as a most suitable time to escape. As the commercial begins, no body gets any clue whether it is a commercial or snaps from some movie. Although it tries to show an Indian jail as a background, people find it difficult to accept since our imagination of Indian jails is totally different. As the ad progresses, people start getting the theme behind it where a bunch of foreign criminals are coming together and making a plan to escape from jail. One will be surprised to see the kind of details ad captures to convince people about the planning. One the night of jail break, the kind of stunts these criminals do while running from the jail gives an impression of some Hollywood jail break scene. Even Bollywood jail break scenes won't match them..
Towards the end all the criminals are caught running and one of those ask the Jailer "What kind of -Indians don't watch Indian-Pakistan match" gets the answer "A hard working Indian". It then introduces Tatasky  which allows people to save the programs they love to watch but don't get time to watch it. This way they can give priority to their duties and can enjoy their favorite programs in their free time with out any hassles.
This is a fantastic ad and has been planned very skill fully. It has a power to grip you for more than  3 minutes and slowly reveals the product that convinces people. After showing complete ad for first few days, now the ad time has been reduced and so it might loose the overall affect. So, in case you want to watch this complete ad, it is available here:
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