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IPL6 Teams - Rajasthan Royals

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Rajasthan Royals lost its way yesterday in the race of IPL. They lost their qualifying match for Finals to Mumbai Indians.
Rajasthan Royals is one team which always is considered underdogs. But it is the same team which slowly and quietly went up to the stage and lifted the cup in the very beginning season of IPL. Since then it has tried to perform on different levels. 
Though Shilpa Shetty is the face of the team, she hasn't been that upfront as Preety Zinta is for Kings XI Punjab. Earlier, Shane Warne was the Captain of the team who brought them glory by winning the cup. Now, the team is in the able hands of Rahul Dravid. 
Dravid has done a commendable job not only as a Captain but also as an opener for the team. He has totally changed his batting style and showed all that he can be equally aggressive as others but at the same time he did it by playing technical shots he is known for. He not only lead the team till qualifiers, but also gave opportunities to youngsters and others who other wise won't get chance to play at higher level.
I remember him giving an opportunity to a 41 year old guy Praveen Tambe  as a lead spinner. Surely, if Praveen was playing his first ever big match at 41, this was the biggest break he could ever get.  In contrast, RR introduced Sanju Samson to the world at the age of 18. Rahul not only allowed him to play but also gave full support to be a back bone of the middle order. No wonder, Sanju used the opportunity to become the youngest player to score a half century in IPL.
What I liked about the team is it is bringing up players who can play well at IPL levels but who also are technically sound in their game. Either you consider Sanju Samson or Ajinkya Rahane, they look good while playing technical shots, but they also maintain the required run rate in control.
And when these players get a support from big hitters like Shane Watson, Faulkner and Stuart Binny, their batting line starts look impenetrable. Brad Hodge and Kevon Cooper give the team that extra edge allowing the team to be among top fours.
The team on the other hand was very weak with the bowling attack. Except for Watson, there was no other big name to begin with. But addition of Faulkner brought some substance to the attack. The three black spots on the team Shreesanth, Chandila and Chavan all made a part of bowling attack. Their exit left the team with less options to plan their attack. And this is where team failed yesterday when they required some specialist spinners to control Mumbai Indians. As a result, team is out of the competition.
I believe the team has great potential to be a perfect team and it sets an example how a gentleman's game is supposed to played.
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