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Watched Iron man 3.
Before going for movie I went through few reviews. It has received lot of positive reviews everywhere, with ratings between 3 and 4  out of 5. Naturally, expectations were high. Besides, I am a big fan of Iron man series. Its first movie, making of Iron man is one of my favorites.
Movie begins on a positive note giving a background of the upcoming story and linking Tony Stark to it. It goes on to show new developments that Tony Stark is adding to the quiver of Iron man. The story sails smoothly on the support of fantastic visual effects, witty nature of Tony Stark, humorous conversations and otherwise damsel in distress Pepper Potts turning superhero scenes more than once by different means. The room size 3-D visualization(within the movie) of brain is awesome and cool.So, if you are planning a fun weekend watching a movie, I would recommend Iron man 3. If you need one more reason to watch this movie, this probably is the last movie in the Iron man series. Why? Go check yourself.
But there are few disappointments too.
For the first time, I found Iron man vulnerable and pathetic in the whole movie. I hardly found him confidently controlling the situation. Even Pepper Potts turning Iron man (or woman) or Superhero by other means looked more promising than Iron man.That's not something one expects in this series.
The Mandarin character played by Ben Kingsley could have been real and not just a dummy. It could have been more promising had they kept the character in its skin. By giving a twist to his character, they really disappointed me.
Opposition this time to Iron man comes basically from the people with some mutation. If you keep the associated science aside, you have already seen a lot of such adaptations in X-men series or Fantastic four series. I was not impressed. 
It is shown that Iron man tries to understand the mutation but he doesn't come up with a concrete solution on how to control these people. Lack of strategy to defeat the mutated army is another reason for disappointment. Well calling his own Iron man army was a strategy, but a general one against any big attack, not specific. That made Iron man look vulnerable and pathetic.
In spite of all these reasons, Iron man 3 is a watchable movie. Unlike me, if you do not follow all the super hero or mutation based, or magical power based movies, then, you would surely enjoy. If I compare the ending of Iron man series (which apparently ends with this movie) with Dark Knight series, I feel Iron man has been treated in better fashion. 
So, do watch Iron man 3 and write back your view about the movie here.
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