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IPL 6 Teams : Kings XI Punjab

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Among the IPL teams, Kings XI Punjab is one team that never performed up to its real standards. Unlike other teams having a famous player being the face of team, Kings XI Punjab is known by the face of Preety Zinta. Every time there is a match of Kings XI, cameras keep searching her face. She is one enthusiastic person who always look optimistic.
A lot has changed with this team over six years. None of the big players stayed long with the team. In the initial days, Yuvraj Singh was one big name associated with the team. Back then, he was a big name in this format. He was the one who hit six sixes in the first ever twenty:20 world cup in South Africa. Obviously, there were lot of expectations from him and so the team. They even started well to say so. But over the time things started going wrong. First the team was in news because of some confusions and allegations over financial deals between the team owners and BCCI. Then, there were news of conflicts between the owner of the team and Yuvraj Singh that affected the team's performance. After the initial three years, Yuvraj Singh was allowed to leave the team. Almost  whole of the team was revamped. 
In the new set up, Gilchrist is acting as the Captain and Coach of the team. Gilchrist is actually pretty old by all standards to play the quickest form of Cricket. He has been struggling to score at ease, the way he used to do few years back. He hardly crossed score of 20 and thus turning more in to a burden than a help for the team. Still, at the age of 42, he manages to perform at much higher level than many of his younger colleagues. He is good with tactics and has been able to motivate his team to deliver at better level than usual. He seem to have respect in the team and of the owners which is big thing considering the kind of professional attitude these IPL teams carry.
David Hussey has been emerging as his successor in most of the games, now a days. He has been captaining the team in Gilchrist's absence.  But I doubt he is any good to lead the team. His plans some times are not just full of loop holes but they sometimes even appears like a joke to me. Like, once he himself tried to bowl the last over of the inning. Now, he is not a regular bowler and his bowling is just flat, simple and straight. Anybody must be able to score on his bowling. Half of his balls are full toss. He is also not doing any great in batting section. I am yet to remember any of his match winning knocks.
In contrast, Shaun Marsh is one player who looks good, consistent and sensible in the team. Though he did not played initial games in this season because of injury, he made up for them in recent games. He seem to be in good touch. Miller has been a good addition to the team. His knock against Bangalore was one great knock. He reminded Bangalore of the treatment their team Gayle's help gives to other team. But I feel he is a player of one great knock. I doubt he will produce any other similar knock. Kings XI also tried old time Pakistani player Azhar Mahmood. After initial glitz he vanished. There are some upcoming players who are making a mark once in while. I wonder what happened to Paul Valthaty. He shot to fame in one of the seasons and then hardly seen. I remember seeing him in one of the outings this season, and then he again disappeared.
Bowling section for the team seems very weak. Whole responsibility apparently lies with Praveen Kumar. He most of the times delivers fine but some time especially in death overs he also falls prey to Batsmen's rage. Other than him, there is Piyush Chawla. He doesn't impress me. He is sometime good but mostly seems pretty ordinary.  Then, there is Manpreet Gony and Awana. But they are also good on few occasions. There is no bowler in the team who will scare the batsman. I guess the team need to strengthen this side. Azhar Mahmood's inclusion initially tried to solve this issue but he seemed to be a temporary solution which couldn't last long.
I never kept high expectations from this team. But as is known about Punjab, this team plays with heart. They might not be good on paper, but if they decide and if its their day they can turn tables against any team, like they did for RCB few days back. Its always fun to watch Kings XI Punjabs matches. Just one condition, don't keep hopes with this team to win a game. 
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