Learning French V: C'est tres bon

In this part, we will try to make use of some earlier lessons and also learn a few new words which you probably already know.
From earlier lesson, we know,

C'est = It is
Now, "Good"  in French is "Bon"

If we combine these two words, we get

"C'est bon"  which means "It is good"
You will hear French people using this a lot.

If you want to say, 'It is very good'
You say in French, "C'est tres bon".
So,we learn a new word here,
Tres = Very
Now if we combine this with words we learnt in previous lesson, we can make sentences like:

C'est tres comfortable = It is very comfortable
C'est acceptable = It is acceptable

Don't forget different pronunciation of words like 'comfortable' and 'acceptable' as discussed in previous lesson.
"Day" in French is "Jour"
So, if we you want to wish some body "Good Day", You would say, "Bon Jour".
Do you recollect hearing "Bon Jour" somewhere at some point of the time? Pretty sure, yes.
Now you know what does it mean. So, Use it.

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