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Hero Splendor: Lage aisa, Family jaisa

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One name that has existed very long in the world of motor cycles is Splendor. This name was getting bigger even before I started riding bike. And when it was time to buy my first bike, I knew and blindly believed only one name - Splendor. I used it for so many years. My relatives, friends, colleagues borrowed it from time to time, some times for short time and some time for time as long as an year. Every body always praised it. Every time it returned to me, it provided me the same service as it did at the time of beginning. It really felt like Splendor is a part of family and it helped to grow family relations with friends. A bike with little complaints and lots of advantages. Recently, I was surprised to see a commercial for a new version of Splendor and made me realize how long has this brand being running. Splendor ads have always been good. It always boast on its capability to serve a dependable vehicle. The recent commercial for Splendor is also fantastic. This time it actually tries to connect the bike with people by considering it as an integral part of family. The ad is fantastic and it actually captures some of your experiences like you every now and then forget the key and then your parents throw the key at you giving a dose over your forgetfulness. Or it always happens, especially with Splendor that you end up trying to unlock another Splendor than yours and kept wondering why the lock is not opening till you actually see your own Splendor standing besides you. Well, these are some of the moments from real life which have been beautifully captured in this commercial. What makes the commercial more interesting is the back ground music and beautiful lyrics that exactly suits and conveys the message in pin pointed fashion. Lyrics are pretty clear to under stand and are given here. ( I compared my own ear heard lyrics with lyrics given on this link to reducing the errors: http://www.hindisongslyrics.in/2012/11/hero-splendor-ad-song-lyrics-mp3.html#.UYyAeqJTCSo )
This is one commercial to look out for and revive those old days when your bike was your partner in every crime. 
Maa ki duaa hai tu, Papa ki fatkaar hai
Ek maa ka beta hai, Ek shararti yaar hai
Sagon se bhi sagaa hai tu, Apna parivaar hai
Aaj aur kal dono humne, Tere saath dekhe hain
Tu chale jab saath toh, Khushi ke thikaane milte hain
Sagon se bhi sagaa hai tu, Apna parivaar hai
Jis gali me mud jaoon, Bas tera hi deedar hai
Hai zindagi ka hero hai, Woh tujhpe jo sawaar hai
Karodon nain kiya aisa bharosa, Splendor bana family jaisa
One touch power start,
APDV engine aur alloy wheels ke sath,
Jo duniya ki no.1 bike chune, yahi kahe,
Sagon se bhi sagaa hai tu, Apna parivaar hai

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