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Learning French IV : Possible, Comfortable

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If I write two words Possible and Comfortable, would you find it difficult to connect to them. Surely not.  You might be surprised to know, these words also appear in french dictionary carrying the same meaning as in English.This brings us to today's topic of discussion, " Similarity between English and French language". If you are pretty much familiar with English language, you will find it much easier to learn and understand French. If you try to read something written in French, with little efforts you might actually succeed in understanding the complete meaning. In short, if you know English, you already have learnt 60% of French.
If the history is to be believed, English is a mixed language (Check the video at the end to know more) made out of the combination of mainly Anglo-Saxon and French. Naturally, word knowledge gained from English will act as a stepping stone while learning French.
So, where does these two languages differ. The difference appears when you try to hear them. If one knows English and he tries to hear French, I doubt he will be able to understand  more than 10 words in the whole conversation although he knows most of words spoken. As it is said, "English is all French, but badly pronounced". Its the way of pronunciation, that separates French from English, making it one of the sweetest language to hear. Even if you don't understand French, you won't mind to hear it as it falls so sweet on your ears.
For example, in French 'i' is pronounced as 'e'. As a result, the word "possible" in french is pronounced as "poss"+"e"+"ble". You would need to use Google translator to understand the pronunciation of "ble" that appears in the end of word "possible". Here, 'b' and 'l' in "ble" need to pronounced together with less of 'b' and more of 'l'.
On similar lines, 'a' is pronounced as 'aa'. So, words like "comfortable" are pronounced as 'comfort'+'aa'+'ble'. If you get these pronunciations correct, you have made your life easier by 60% while roaming around in France.

Enjoy this embedded video to know to making of English.

All these videos in origin are available at
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