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Cadbury Silk Commercial

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Do you remember this commercial by Cadbury Dairy Milk from way back in 90's.

This was one of the most watched and talked ad in those days. A girl doing awkward dance on the ground in front of all the people around was something that grabbed every body's attention. This ad made Cadbury Dairy milk a household name in India. Cadbury became a reference in the field of Chocolates. Many similar interesting ads then followed which continued to keep the Cadbury and its name on every body's lips.
Recently, I came across these ads which changed the whole picture about Cadbury at least for me. These ads were nothing but yuck. Of coarse, it gives the message exactly that Cadbury Silk is so smooth that its almost in molten state and spreads every where while you try to eat it. But it was too much for me to even watch it, forget liking the ad and so the Cadbury Silk. I would never have tried this chocolate.

But then recently this ad started airing on TV and it slightly changed my impression about Cadbury Silk. This is one wonderful ad where expressions do all the talking. Its just a conversation among two people by eyes and hands in adjacent cars who both are enjoying Cadbury Silk. They point to each other that a little of their Cadbury Silk is on their face. 
The ad has been so wonderfully done that it does leave you with a feeling to try it once. The music, song and expressions of the two actors have worked out very beautifully. If you have not watched this ad then you surely are missing something. With this I believe Cadbury has regained what it had lost with couple of bad ads. Do watch this ad and do enjoy Cadbury Silk

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