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Few days a new subject came in to discussion at least in Mumbai. 99 years lease of the Mumbai's Mahalaxmi Race Cource ended recently. ShivSena Chief Uddhav Thakerey has come up with a novel idea to convert the place in to a Theme Park on the lines of Central Park in New York. He further suggested to name it after Late BalaSaheb Thakrey.
I don't know what kind of politics is running behind this idea. But I personally liked the idea. If we compare the two themes, Race Course vs Theme Park any body should like to go with the later. I have never visited any Race Course and I doubt I would ever. First of all, places like Race Course are for those Higher Class people who are looking for some extra recreation activity and may be earn some more money with out actually doing anything. So, people number of people who can enjoy this place is limited and not every body will have access to such a vast spread place. Second, its a kind of gambling. You may win on one day and next day you will loose every thing. Third thing, you are betting on horses and making them run as per will. One may be taking good care of those Horses, but there is a big chance of being cruel at times on the same horses when the big money is on stake. I really don't how things work. On one side people fight for animal rights and what not and on other side, such practices are not just prevalent but enjoys the support of government authority.
Anyway, I am no expert to talk much about how Race Course thing works. All I want to say is it is an activity pretty much useless for most of the residents of Mumbai and it is occupying  a huge area which other wise can be used for better purpose.
From this point of view, I found the idea of Theme Park very novel. I have many a times the aerial view of New York where Central Park distinctly appears in front of your eyes and shows a very big Green patch just in the center of the city. It allows people from all over New York to enjoy some free space surrounded by trees and clean air. I feel such parks are a need of one's day to day life and we Indians have no idea what we are missing by not having such parks around  your corner. Its so refreshing to go for running in such big parks. Its so much re-energizing to spend one nice evening with your family or friends on a quick picnic. Spending evening time with your family and friends at an easily accessible leisure place is an integral part of life which most of us not just miss but even do not know exist.
That's why I support this idea of theme park in Mumbai. I believe his intentions are clean and clear while routing for theme park and there are no hidden agendas. I believe if at all any such proposal really comes in to existence, then it will be followed with the sole reason. With this hope, I am looking forward to a big green patch in Mumbai. What about you?
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