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Uttarakhand disaster is another example of how small and helpless we humans are, when nature strikes. Nature is just providing examples, in how many different ways it can demolish every thing around us in as minimum time as possible. Few years back, we for the first time understood the meaning of word Tsunami when it hit countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and some parts of India. The kind of devastation it brought made us realize how quickly nature can demolish every thing humans built over years of time. We witnessed a worse version when an Earthquake followed by Tsunami hit Japan killing over 10,000 people with in an hour. I thought, that's it. This is the worst form of demolition act nature has in its kitty. But, since last week, this view is again changing. The Himalayan Tsumani as it is called now, was something I never imagined even in my dreams. I had heard about cloud burst earlier. I guess I even experienced one. But I never imagined it can do this much destruction. Few days back, when I saw houses, temples and what not sinking in the flowing water, I realized, this is not as usual as I was thinking. I did not understand the reasons behind it properly, but apparently two different systems from two directions responsible for heavy rains combined together in Uttarkhand, resulting in never seen before destructive rains. 
Can you imagine a whole village wiped out in few minutes? What must have happened in Kedarnath. As per the interviews of survivors from Kedarnath, there was a big noise somewhere above around 7.00 p.m. and soon people started running seeing water coming down towards them. With in minutes every thing in Kedarnath was demolished. Even the temple survived the blow because of a big stone that settled just behind the temple and diverted the flow in two directions. I have never encountered such a devastation and surely  I don't want to.
There were huge land slides across  the route reaching these higher places and there was no way to provide help in short time. Only way to reach them was through air using choppers. I kept wondering why Indian government provided such a limited number of choppers to evacuate people and provide help to those in need. If you heard the news, only 60 choppers were employed for the task. Why? Do we have only 60 choppers in India? Even in Hollywood movies which is not a real thing, many a times they show these many helicopters used. No wonder it is taking so long for complete evacuation. But I appreciate the efforts of Indian Army  and other forces who in spite of limited resources and worst weather conditions have done hell of a job. Had it not been them, I feel the scene would have been worse. Though we always encounter disaster every now and then, we don't have any disaster management program in action. Apparently, there is a committee for it existing  since 2004 but they haven't come out with even a single program till date. Nobody has any clue how to tackle such demolition acts except the Army forces who are the only savior for any Indian in any corner of India. I believe these men should be shown better appreciation because of the act they put to keep us safe either from our enemies or from such natural disasters.
Finally I would like to share a video I came across released by IBN showing a sudden influx of water can brings everything down with it.
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