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America's Snooping Scandal: How Vulnerable Are We?

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I read and heard news about how US has been keeping a track over all the communication routes of their own citizens as well as outsiders. To begin with, I was not shocked to come across this news. With all different terrorism based movies hitting us every now and then, our mind is already used to the idea of USA Government or as they always flash the name CIA, is tracking not just one's phone or email records but also his minute to minute movements with the help of different functional camera networks. So, this was not a surprise. I had already assumed it happening and now it has been confirmed.
That makes me laugh about the way all web pages are providing different methods to keep your online stuff private. Few months back, I received mails from friends mentioning how by doing few changes on your FaceBook page, you can avoid strange visitors visiting and checking your uploaded photos, comments etc. I was lazy enough not to do any of those things and I was not worried if some body is checking my FB page quietly. In fact, I realized that not just strangers but even my friends and colleagues have lost interest in visiting my FB page. So, finally one fine morning I took the brave step and deleted my account on FB. Life has become much simpler and easier since then.
Anyway, that's not the point. The point is when ever  you use any of the present communication methods, just keep in mind - "Somebody is watching you". Thanks to the latest Whistle blower Snowden, that this fact is finally revealed. Interesting fact is India's communication is one of the most tracked (5th position) among all the nations. As reports suggest nearly 6 billion reports were collected in just the month of March from India. Which means behind every person in India, 4 reports were collected if we believe that every person in India is tracked. While all the nations are condemning this fact, USA is supporting the act pointing towards controlling terrorism. I doubt anybody will raise voice and compel USA to stop snooping.
You may read a bit more facts about it at these links:
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