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Funny TV commercials for byt (

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Did you see these recent commercials on TV for I am really amused to see these funny ads. They are hardly 20 seconds long but they deliver the message perfectly. As any of these ads begin, it immediately grips you, courtesy, the back ground music. Whether it is famous "The Godfather" music for Italian background, or the Chinese one, known to us because of all martial arts movies or the famous truck driver kind of Punjabi music, it immediately grips and kind of compels you to watch the whole ad. For almost 10-12 seconds you just feel it is some genuine stuff related to Italian, Chinese or Punjabi. But then suddenly you hear a grunting voice in the back ground with expressions on the face of actor changing. A person then appears in the frame who is hungry for Italian, Chinese or Punjabi and shown here biting the respective guys.
The commercial has been made so efficiently that they can get through the ad by just asking "Hungry for .......? (Italian, Chinese, Punjabi)". I feel these are a set of very smart ads in recent times on TV. They are simple, funny but delivers the message. Don't miss these commercials.

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