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Champions Trophy or Duckworth-Lewis trophy

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First round of Champions trophy is almost over. If I remember correct except for the initial few games, fate of all the games are governed by Duckwoth-Lewis rules.
First of all I feel England should never organize any such event. England is known for rain the whole year. One can not escape it. Unlike India where IPL matches organized over two months went through pretty much smoothly with very little rain interruption, any such plan is very difficult. That is why, rules like Duckworth-Lewis come into existence. These rules who try to lend a helping hand to predict the targets in rain effected matches have evolving over the years and recently have settled down with Duckworth-Lewis which again is evolving all the team. 
Frankly speaking I do not understand the rule at all and I have also not met personally  anybody who can explain in simple words understandable to a common Cricket fan, how a particular score is arrived at, to be use as  target. Since it is being implemented for so many years, I guess it is doing a fair work, but I can't understand its functioning and so I don't enjoy such matches. On the other hand, I personally could not justify many of its targets and kept wondering about the kind of statistics that is implemented to reach the target. Just for example in yesterday's match, which was reduced to 40 overs each between India and Pakistan, even before rain interrupted the match, Pakistan was down by three wickets and when the match was restarted over the time, they were all out at 165 with out playing all forty over. Still, the target was changed from 165 to 167 for India. Difficult to figure out for me. Later on, in the second inning, rain again interrupted the match that reduced the target to 102 runs from 22 overs. Which is pretty much like playing twenty-20. If overs are reduced, target is reduced, number of overs a bowler can ball is reduced, shouldn't the number of batsman allowed to play also reduced? In a case of big target set in lesser number of balls, batting team has a liberty to try anything to reach the target. Their Batsmen will take any kind of risk to achieve the target. But Bowling team don't have that liberty because the most of the main bowlers surely exhaust  pretty good number in their quota in the initial overs itself. In yesterday's match, India needed some 40 odd runs in 10 overs after D/L rule was employed which is a kind of slog over situation in new circumstance. But by that time Pakistan's main bowlers had already exhausted their overs and hardly had one over left in their kitty. This doesn't feel good.
Some how I find it difficult to enjoy matches where D/L rules are employed. It brings in so much of manipulation in the game that it takes away all the fun that comes in normal matches. I feel may be D/L rules try to give equal opportunity to both the playing teams, but in reality, it seems to be favoring one team. That is why I am not enjoying Champions trophy and I won't really believe any verdict of D/L ruled match. I feel WestIndies should have been in semi finals and not South Africa. But that is not the case. Thanks to D/L rules, SA made it to semi finals which changes all the equations. Who ever wins this last Champions trophy possibly won't be able to enjoy the real excitement of being a winner.
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