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NEROLAC Excel - Umb-rella funny Commercial

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I could not resist to share this new commercial which has started airing on TV for last few days. I am sure if the commercial succeeds to convince people in getting their houses painted by Nerolac Excel but it surely makes you watch the ad again and again.
What attracted my attention towards the commercial are the huge umbrella that starts appearing your TV screen along with some funny music in the back ground. Then slowly it is accompanied by a song in an odd voice that makes the ad more interesting to watch. I tried to understand the lyrics in the ad but they did not made much meaning to me. I tried to understand it and what ever I could made out of it you can read in this post below. But what stands out in the song is the way they pronounce "Umb-rella" and the accompanying chorus for the word "Umb-rella". Shahrukh's presence in the end watching among other people how some one is putting Umb-rella on their houses and then comparing it with an easy way of just using Nerolac Excel to save their houses manages to convey the message to the audience. I believe this is one commercial which is really innovative and thats why a must watch.
Here are as close it can get lyrics that I could understand. Suggest corrections if you find any:
Suraj ki matki oye barish ka tel
Balla ghumai ke oye nehle pe dehla
Ho laga do
Hai sha
Khinch ke
Aane do
Dhoop hai neem barish hai kadwa karela
Dhoop hai neem barish karela
Mithi churi sa kaatane chala, Umb-rellaaaaaaaa
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