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Learning French VIII : Je suis désolé, mais

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One sentence that every body too often use is "I am sorry". Obviously, one would often need to use it if he try to speak french. So today's lesson is "I am sorry".

I  am    +  sorry  = Je suis désolé
Je  suis + désolé

If you just want to say "sorry", you can use word "désolé". Now you must have notices a sign on the two "e" present in désolé. The signs just implies that alphabet e which is pronounced normally as a "अ " as in Hindi should be pronounced as  ae "ए".

Other important word to remember is "but". This is another word which is often required to connect to sentences. The french word for but is "mais"

So, if we combine these two new words with our earlier learnt lessons, we can create simple connecting sentences.

For example:
I am sorry + but  + it is  + not  + very  + good  

Je suis désolé + mais + ce + n'est pas + très + bon 

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