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Amitabh Bachchan - Binani Cement commercial - Sadiyon Ke Liye

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Did you watch this commercial for Binani Cement? I think this is one of best commercial in recent lot. What makes it special is the presence of Amitabh Bachchan in it. I wonder how he has gained such a power and command on his voice and the way of talking that just mesmerizes every body listening him. The way he speaks makes one be convinced with each one of his word. When one watches this ad, all one initially understand is the way he is remembering his parents and trying to find their presence in every small act of him or his son. He connects with the memories of his parents with different things in home they handled. Books they read and the poetry of his father, his mother's bangles.

What I liked the best is the library of books. I wonder if it was his real home and library. If it is so, I am surely envious of him and wonder when will I be able to have such a fantastic library.

No one gets a clue till the end that this ad is actually related to a cement ad which conveys the message that like memories, this cement lasts for eternity. I don't know may be because of this minute hint only this ad and the cement  is now stuck in my mind. May the same happen with you.
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