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INS Sindhurakshak Tragedy

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While every body around were feeling proud hoisting Indian Flag on their 67th Independence Day, some thing worst was happening around the corner. Indian Submarine INS Sindhurakshak experienced a series of explosions that end with sinking it under the water. Worst part is it carried 18 of its crew members including three officers and 15 sailors along with it. What happened on 14th August on that submarine is still unclear, but what is left behind is an unfortunate situation. 
Submarine INS Sindhurakshak was included in Indian fleet recently in 1997. It was a Russian-made Kilo-class Type 636, diesel-electric submarine. After serving for almost 14 years, it was returned to Russia in 2010 for up-gradation. Up-gradation mainly involved improved electronic warfare systems, an integrated weapon control system and a new cooling system. After upgradation, it was expected that the life time of this submarine would be enhanced by 10 more years.
It so happened that the submarine returned to Indian Navy Fleet just recently in May-June 2013 after a break of almost two and half years for up-gradation. On 14th of August, just before the celebration of day of Independence, some unknown series of explosions occurred in the submarine which resulted in its flooding ultimately sinking it to the bottom of the sea. Apparently three of the sailors were on the top, who managed to jump in the sea as soon as they realized the blow. All others who were inside could not make it out in time. Rescue operations to save those probably alive are facing difficulties as the submarine sank very close to the dock and is surrounded by muddy and murky water.
Up till now, six bodies have been recovered with no survivor as yet. In the mean time, war of words has already begun and this time it is international. Russia is suggesting mishandling of equipment while Indians as always were mere suspecting on sabotage which the Russian experts visiting the site already ruled out.
I am not sure what course it will take in coming days but I am hoping that reasons behind this accident are revealed and proper steps are taken to ensure no repetition of any such incident ever.
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