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Narendra Dabholkar: Leader against Superstition

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Just a couple of days back, I received a news from a colleague that Narendra Dabholkar was shot dead while taking a morning walk early in the morning around 7.30 a.m. My first reaction was, inevitable has happened. People who are not aware of his work probably won't understand this reaction. But those who ever came across him or his work probably are not surprised.
Narendra Dabholkar is  a name taken with great respect among intellectuals and those who want to bring social reforms in the Country. He was in a reputed doctor for almost 12 years after which he got involved in different activities to cure the society from diseases like black magic and superstition. He was the founder member of Maharashtra Andha Shraddha Nirmulun Samiti. An organization that works to eradicate superstitious beliefs and black magic practices. He tried to bring anti-superstition law in Maharashtra. The anti-Jadu-Tona Bill drafted by his team members has been tabled 7 times till now in the state assembly but failed to come in discussion to be passed. He created so many enemies out of his activities that his life was always in threat. He experienced many physical assaults since his work started in 1983. In spite of that he refused to use Police protection. Some body took advantage of that and made a final assault on him three days back leaving him dead. After his death, now the Government apparently has come to senses. The bill has been passed at least by the cabinet. But it is not sure if it will see Sunlight too soon as it need to be passed by whole assembly. I hope the work he started and developed senses in many minds does not stop with his demise and  actually grow so that more and more people will understand the meaninglessness of black magic and superstition.
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