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Durga Shakti Nagpal : Igniting flame of awareness

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This is a name making rounds around the country for last few days. Is it just a coincidence that a woman with a name as good as Durga Shakti is actually following actions suiting the name. I am just amazed how reality can be moulded to suit some one with stronger political connections. Yesterday I was watching a news where Mr. Bhati was addressing a public meeting and bragging how he managed to get Durga Shakti suspended with in a period of 41 minutes. Immediately after that in a telephonic interview, one of the politician from UP was trying to justify how Mr. Bhati was right in addressing the issue and bragging. One feeling that struck me strongly at that point was how foolish are we to keep supporting these kind of politicians in spite of knowing what is hidden under their skin. But then we also don't have any good option. We sincerely need an option where we can actually reject a politician.
I hope what Durga Shakti has started as flame would convert into a big fire and it will burn every thing that is happening wrong. All IAS officers better stand behind Durga Shakti. It also is our responsibility to take this message to every possible corner around India and present the real picture. At least then may be all dumb guys like us will stop electing people who try to make gains out of political power

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