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Chennai Express : A movie worth watching?

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Chennai Ex press: most recent released movie starring  Shahrukh Khan and Dipika Padukone.Few years back I watched Shahrukh Khan's movie "Main Hun Na". Now if you have watched that movie, you probably would agree that the movie actually had nothing new to offer. But it was a well made movie and that's why I actually enjoyed that movie. It was melodramatic. Story of two brothers who unite to over throw the wicked plans of anti national elements. What I liked at that moment was the pace of the movie and good actions plus some good songs. Shahrukh back then was the real badshah of Bollywood and what ever he tried would surely work.I am getting pretty much similar feeling about his recently released movie "Chennai Express". It is a Rohit Shetty movie. Obviously one would expect some actions like Singham movie which actually makes no sense but some where one enjoys those unimaginable shots. Then there surely are some funny songs that makes you to pick the beats and shake your legs.
I initially had some good expectations  from Dipika Padukone as an actress but then those hopes are not there any more. To add to that she is trying Tamil accent that would make it more unbearable. I am hoping  that Shahrukh Khan is doing some miracle to turn this movie in to a good one. Now it already has turned in to a hit by grabbing around 40 crores in just 2 days. It is bound to cross the so called 100 crore boundary with in next few days.
I saw some clips of the movie and what I liked what I saw. For example in a shot Shahrukh says to Dipika that "There is no word as impossible in his dictionary". Other wise such a dialogue would remind one of his Don's character. But what follows then turns it into a hilarious shot, as Dipika asks "Which bakwas dictionary do you use".
I hope the movie does not have only a few such hilarious scenes. This probably is a one time watch and forget kind of movie.
Some reviews I came across about the movie:
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