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Why always the Asians at receiving end?

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Recent news has perturbed me a bit.
Just have a look at these:
§ Australian and South African cricket players not enthusiastic to participate in the Champion’s trophy to be held in Pakistan in September in spite of heavy security. Not to forget that south Africa is one of the countries with highest crime rate.
§ A security committee from Australia will visit India prior to the test series to be held soon in India. Based on the report given by this committee will Australia decide if their team should visit India or not. These cautionary measures are taken considering the recent bomb blasts held in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. One of the test match is to be held in Bangalore.
§ Many of the players, athletes are planning not to participate in Beijing Olympics that will soon be start in August 08. The reason behind this is not political but the high level of pollution in Beijing. These athletes will rethink about their participation if china could bring sown this pollution level. To avoid any embarrassing situation China has to stop many industries from working in coming month and has to bring up some funny laws like giving permission to vehicles with odd and even numbers on alternate days.
These are some of recently appeared news items. But if we try to search, we can always come up with a situation where some Asian country is made to make some special arrangements, few adjustments so as to make conditions acceptable to Europeans or Australians or last but not the least the Americans.
For that reason you can also add the names of Iran, Iraq or even Korea in the list as other suffered Asian country.
Though the days are over when a country used to be a slave or a colony of a European country. But still the tendency of those countries to rule Asians is not gone. They always manage to make us do what they want. They always make us stand at the receiving end. In spite of the blunders made, European countries like Germany or Italy never stand on this end.
At the same time we Asians are equally responsible for this situation. We always try to follow their path and thus land in their trap. There never is a way that an Asian country shows to the rest of the world. May be for an exception we can mention the name of Japan, the country of rising sun, which has set its own standards and make these master countries stand at the same platform as them. And possibly that is the reason why the Japanese athletes could threaten the neighboring Chinese of wearing special masks during whole of their stay in Beijing.
I feel our recent N-deal is also a similar kind of adjustment that will allow we Indians to stand a bit higher than other Asians but again at a lower position than these masters.
May the day soon arrive when we live with our own rules !
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