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Ground Breaking

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Today morning we had a “Ground-breaking” ceremony for the new proposed fourteen-storied building of our organization. Unlike the usual ceremonies this one was rather informal.
We received an email just 20 minutes prior to the event and were told to gather at the proposed site. When we reached there, as expected the arrangements were still going on. But at the same time the atmosphere was rather calm and joyful. No sign of tension present on anybodies face. It was more like a “Ghar ka karykram”.
Later some sound started coming out of the speaker. I managed to hear “Hello, Chup, Hello, Chup.” I tried once again to hear what is announced and at the same time wondered why we are being asked to keep quiet (Chup = quiet) when no body is making noise. But after serious attention paid, learned that it was just a trial to check the sound saying “Hello, check, hello, check”.
Once the tasting was over some familiar words but in very strange voice and tone started falling on our ears. It was “Gayatri Mantra” and the “Hari Om” Jaap that we heard in foreign and very odd accent. It was a punishment to hear that. Soon the board of directors arrived at the place and we were relieved from the punishment.
For the first time I came across many new faces and realized that ours is a very big organization.
The program started and went through many talks giving varied information about the organization, its future plans and many other things. In the mean, the main event of ground breaking took place. A JCB was brought for the purpose, which was something different from what we normally see TV.
While we were getting bored hearing the talks, something happened that did disturbed us but was at the same time was rather amusing.
Our sitting arrangement was made in a pandal that was supported by heavy bamboos. In the beginning it was all fine but as time passed wind start blowing around and its speed slowly went on growing. Suddenly I found some kind of moment near me. Initially I did not understood but soon I realized that the bamboo that was supporting the pandal was almost two feets above the ground!
I was looking at the bamboo and every body around was looking at me. It was a situation full of surprise, tension (whether now the pandal will fall down!) thrill and being funny. As the wind blow faded for a while the bamboo came down to its original position. It was then forgotten and everybody returned to the talk.
But once again a big blow of wind came and to every bodies surprise the bamboo this time went up too high, crossed the two rows of chairs ahead (nobody seated in their) of us and had almost hit the person in the third when I almost jumped and caught hold of bamboo and brought it back to its position. Everybody around started looking at me, do not know if I was looking funny or was it a respectful look for saving one’s life. The wind was now blowing very fast and sooner not just me one more person had to keep the bamboo at its place. Later I realized its not just the bamboo next to me but every alternate bamboo was floating in air but since I was quite in center of the pandal and moreover I had just saved one life, all the eyes were set on me.
Soon all the drama was over. With heavy discussions not on the ground-breaking ceremony but on the floating bamboos we headed towards the much necessary (after all this exercise) refreshment counter.
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