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Beijing 2008 Olympics

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Finally today the much awaited (for me at least) Olympics will shoot off.
I am very excited about it but at the same time feel sorry that I might not get a chance to watch any of the games. I still haven’t sorted out the problem of TV connection.
Anyway, I hope this time India would show better performance over the 2004 Olympics. In 2004 we won a silver medal in Double trap competition with a great performance down by Lt. Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.
Will we improve our position this time?
Need to do some analysis for that.
But hold on, to analyze, we need to know all the games we are participating in and all the players representing India.
Do we know our participants by name at least or may be the total count!!!
I doubt. I doubt how many of us would have tried to dig out this information from any medium available?
I tried to search this information and landed up at this link
Not a single answer to this question!
Does anybody know this answer? Hello!!
Is there any official website that gives this information?
I can easily find the names of all the players playing in final eleven of third test match against Srilanka and even the names of players selected for the upcoming Champions trophy, even in local newspapers forget the internet and national level newspapers. And here I am struggling to know the strength we are sending to fight for 302 gold medals in 28 different events.
Leaving this aspect behind let me compile what all I could gather about our preparations for Olympics
§ I heard about Indian Olympic Association Chairman saying not to expect anything from present Olympic team. As a justification it was added that they are preparing for the upcoming Asian and next Olympic games. I just wonder what they were then doing since last Olympics? May be similar comment we will hear during coming Asian games and also during next Olympics! If Chairman himself is so pessimistic what say about people. I would have expected him giving some words that will fill our players with positive attitude.
§ Apart from this other news is that we failed to qualify for hockey.Men’s as well as Women’s. So, no “Chak de” this time.
§ Yesterday we got another jolt with Monica Devi, one of the weight lifters failing the dope test.
§ We do have hopes of showing some performance in Archery, Shooting and Boxing though I am not aware of who all are the participants there.
§ One more hope resides with the swimmer Veer Dhawal Khade who is consistently performing well.
§ The tennis duo Bhupati and Paes are again together, but I am doubtful if this reunion will prove any fruitful.
§ I would personally like to see some good results in Badminton.
That’s all is the information I carry related to Olympics and India’s participation in it. Though we never performed well in Olympics in recent years (once the charisma of Hockey was over) but still their used to be big enthusiasm in people about Olympics. But this year, I hear nobody discussing a single word on Olympics. Even doubt if anybody is aware about today’s Inauguration.
Hope for the best and wish our players good luck to perform the best they can perform!!!

P.S. Will anybody help me knowing the Indian players!

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