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Oh hell!! these cell phones

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We have a lady here who has a ring tone of old telephones. Everyday it rings at least 10 times, every time extended till the maximum possible duration. This lady has a tendency to speak quite loudly and in last months we all sitting on the other side of her desk (where she can’t notice us) laugh heartily knowing a priory all the details of the conversation and reciting it parallel.
There are two other people who keep receiving and making calls every now and then. I still wonder what business they are in which makes this possible.
The worst thing is I am surrounded on three sides by girls and ladies who show great stamina in conversing for long intervals worth counting in hours and not minutes or seconds.

Today morning one of the person left his mobile in the office and it started ringing. Not once, not twice but it received six continuous calls. It seems the cell was of very upgraded version since people sitting beside him tried to put it off, silent and even tried answer the call but all efforts went in vain. We were forced to listen that sweet musical tune for a long timeNo wonder when the fellow returned all the eyes were set on him and his cell went silent forever since then.
Just now after getting too much irritated with frequent cell tunes, I decided to go to my boss and discuss this issue and make some stringent rules.
I went near him and was about to hit his desk, when his phone started ringing!!!!!!
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