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Some recent updates I would like to add here:
  • Finally on Saturday, long awaited installation of linux on my system is done. It was a really long wait. Lot of technical difficulties had to be crossed to see this day. Further, the key software also got easily installed that had made my boss to wait for almost a year or more. So, friends, now I will be spending more time “working” on linux and might find less time for rest of things including blogging.
  • This incident also took place on the very same day. I had an uninvited guest at my home. I found a lizard wandering around. I confronted and asked,
    “ You haven’t taken prior permission to enter in my home and so you will have to leave immediately”.
    But the lizard was adamant. It gave no response to my words.
    Leter I kept another proposal
    “Look, may be you can stay but then do you agree to share the rent!!!”
    The lizard went more adamant and simply turned its face.
    It came to my nerves and I challenged the lizard “Its either you or me now”
    And then I had my weapon in hand “the broomstick”.
    But since I am very nice at heart, I just decided to threaten the lizard by hitting the ground some 15 cms ahead of it.
    Unfortunately, what happened then was not convincing.
    The lizard sensing the change in my nature decided to run away and unfortunately took the same path where I planned to hit the ground.
    It had almost crossed the point of strike but could not cross over enough to save its tail.
    In a moment the tail separated from the body. The lizard ran away in some other corner. I could not follow it since something made me stop there itself.
    I had only heard of it before but I saw it happening for the first time in front of my eyes.
    Once detached the lizard’s tail was wriggling like an earthworm on the floor. I just could not understand what is happening for a moment.
    When I came to senses, I decided to make a video of the same, but damn it my all the camera cells were burnt out. I could have used the camera of my cell-phone.
    But since this idea struck me while writing this post, so it was not possible.
    This incidence has now triggered my scientific mind to find out the root cause as you must be aware those scientists don’t believe in what they hear but believes in what they realize themselves!!
    I am still wondering did I kill a life since the tail stopped wriggling after some time? Do you have any answer?
  • My next update is regarding my attempts to get Tata Sky installed at my house.
    As you know I am trying hard to get it installed so as to be able to watch Olympics. But no success as yet.
    To get Tata sky activated you have to call on a number given on the net and get it activated. Once activation is done, the people associated to Tata-sky personally come to your house and install it.
    My problem is my call is not getting picked up! I follow all the instructions; I sequentially press 2, 1 and then 3 as asked to finally reach to a point where I can talk to somebody who would help me to install it.
    But for whatever time you wait, you just keep listening a melodious (its not any more) music that keeps going on for endless time.
    Some change to this routine music listening happened on Sunday when in between this melodious music, I was told how I to subscribe ten sports by just sending one SMS.
    I don’t mind subscribing any damn channel but first let me get this Tatasky installed!!
  • This Sunday I finally came face to face with Batman. I managed to watch “The dark knight”. No more words about the movie here since it deserve a separate post. Hopefully I will soon come up with another post dedicated to “ ‘The Dark Knight’ and the hunting”.
  • Last but not the least, few hours ago I was overjoyed with the news that India has finally made it to the Gold medal. Abhinav Bindra scored 700.5 to win the gold medal in 10m shooting while the rest two managed 699.9 and 699.7. I do not how these odd numbers with one crossing 700 and others touching 700 appeared. But that does not matter much. Abhinav almost snatched the gold from Finland’s Henri by performing better in the very last set. I feel a bit sorry about China’s Zu Kinan, the winner of Athens Olympic. His only aim was to be a champion in his very own land, but ultimately had to satisfy with the silver.
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