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The Golden Compass

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I wish to live in the world of fantasy. It excites me very much. I enjoy reading and viewing stories that takes you away from the reality but at the same time makes you believe what comes across you.
May then it be the journey of the ring in the trilogy “Lord of the rings” or the story of Harry potter. Even the Chronicles of Narnia amuse me a lot. I even enjoyed watching the movie “Bridge to Terabithia” which I doubt many of you must not have heard of.
I find myself lost while reading these books or viewing them. At some point I wish to be a part of that world.
Very recently I came across a new fantasy world. It was introduced to our world as “The Golden Compass”.
I watched the movie many months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since it was the first part of the trilogy, it left the story incomplete at the end of the movie.
The movie motivated me enough to get into the pages of the “The Northern Lights”, the first part of the trilogy.
Story deals with the journey of an innocent girl from her home place “Jordon College” to the extreme north.
As every fantasy introduces you a new set of concepts, which you need to understand and believe, this story also gives some new concepts.
Consider a life where you are not alone. You are connected to an animal who is your dæmon . You cannot be separate. If some thing happens to it you feel the pain. Animal that changes from bird to cat to cheetah and any other form till you are a kid and gains a fixed form for the adults.
With the introduction of a dæmon in your life, then you are taken to a journey where the girl “Lyra” has to fight against the act of oblation board experimenting to separate the kids from their dæmon . You experience it cruel and hate any such experiments.
Mean while you try to peep into future that Lyra is reading out of altheiometer.
You wish to praise “Iorek Byrnison” a Panserbjørne an armoured bear who agree to fight for Lyra till she achieve the victory or he the death.
You get to know about a new elementary particle (like electrons, protons) called dust. It does not react with any thing. But is found over humans, adults specially. Children are not or rarely affected.
You enjoy the moment while realizing the association of dust with the growing up of children and their dæmon stop changing their form once grown up.
You felt enchanted while knowing the connection of dust with the original sin.
You are thrilled to know that this dust can open a door to enter a new world.
You feel like reading Bible once where in is the origin of word “dust”.
You are taken up by a shock while reaching the last chapter of the book. Interestingly the movie “Golden compass” has not covered the last three chapters of the book. This leaves us a lot to explore in the book and this is where you receive the biggest shock.
At the end of the book, you are just confused as you were while reading the book.
All your predictions seem to falter as you reach the last few pages.
The story leaves you with no conclusions to present and also leaves with any choice than to hastily move on to next book.
I finished “The northern lights” the first novel of the trilogy “His dark materials” by Philip Pullmann and now heading for the second one “The Subtle Knife”.
May be you also try to travel through this fantasy-land!! What’s say?
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