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Friendship day

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Sunday, August 03 was celebrated as “Friendship day”.
I do not remember before this I ever celebrated this day. But yesterday, unknowingly I did.
The previous day I had spent time in shifting to a new location. Of course it was tiring and at the end of the day what all I planned was to lie down on bed like a dead man. But Mr. D who helped me in shifting put this proposal to accompany him for a dirt track cycle race. I told him yes initially but then repented a bit since we had leave for the racing spot at early 6.00 o’clock.
So as planned I was ready by six and was in his car heading towards the site of competition. Unfortunately it was the first time for the organizers and so as expected start of the race was delayed till 9.00 o’clock.
Among all the competitors, my friend was the only lucky person to have somebody their cheering him up. I feel I managed to do something unintentionally for my friend. I am not sure if my presence did mattered at all, but I could witness my friend’s joy for standing second in his first ever cycle race.
I think Mr. D also decided to keep up with the friendship day’s motto and in spite of being so tired after cycling 52 kms on those dirt tracks, accompanied me in my personal work.
Once done with the race we headed towards one of the famous malls to do some shopping. This shopping was not intended for me but for my friend Mr. R who was some 1000 kms away from me. We finished the said shopping and returned home.
At home I received a call. I came across a question full of surprises that I got up so early, went out with almost no break fast done with the lunch delayed till late after noon, further went to a mall and did shopping for some body else with out giving a single thought to do some shopping for self?
This made me think if I at all gained anything out of today’s all expeditions!!!
Yes, I gained a lot today
I feel, for the first time ever, I celebrated the “Friendship day”.
Whole of the day, I did not forwarded even a single already forwarded friendship SMS to any body. I did not call any body to wish “Happy friendship day”. I even did not tie the friendship band to anybody’s wrist, but instead I spent whole of the day in doing some thing for my friends, which was totally unintentional.
I feel that should be the spirit behind this “Friendship day”. If we can keep up with this spirit then we won’t require any specific day to justify our friendship but instead we can then turn every day in to a “Friendship day”.
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