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Third time in a row

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This is my first post on this blog. But this is not my first blog. Earlier twice did I create the blogs.
First attempt was a total failure. Except for posting a beautiful snap taken by me, I did nothing in that blog. With time I forgot its username and password and possibly it is still alive carrying a single snap.
Few months back, I created a new blog. I posted not one or two but eight posts. But soon realized the posts do not really portray my mind.
Result: I lost interest and deleted my blogs
Now its third time I am returning to this venture and trying to make a mark.
Hope I will succeed in doing it the way I want to do it and will continue for a long time.
This blog will carry words that would reflect my views about anything happening at that instant of time. Later on may be I will change my views and my concepts. But still the posts in this blog will remain unchanged.
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