Nightmare come true - II - Contents of life

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Nightmare come true - II

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The story said earlier continued with lot of anxiousness for next 24 hrs.
As it was suggested I sent a mail to the manager requesting him to help me sorting out the problem.
There was nothing I was able to do in the case and so I end my day with a note to accept whatever comes next. Whether I get my money back or not, either case acceptable.
Saturday morning I checked my mail box just to see a reply from the bank saying they can not take care of my request and asked me to check with my branch.
So, a sad start to the week end.
Since further things I was able to do monday, so, I gave up all thoughts and moved out to visit Bannerghatta National Park.

More details about Bannerghatta National Park in some other post.
While returning home back at around 5.00 p.m. in the bus, I received a SMS from the bank saying the money has been deposited back to my account!!!
thats the end of my anxiety.
wanted to jump in the bus but gave up the plan since the bus was already jumping a lot.

Learnt a lot from all these proceedings and have decided to be more careful ( which I am not at all) atleast regarding money matters!!!
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