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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

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With lots of expectations and enthusiasm yesterday I went to watch “Jane tu ya Jane na”.
My Friend Rama who recently left Bangalore to join some MBA course had turned back for 2 days off.
I met him in the afternoon at the lunch session where we decided to make a go on this very much-praised movie.
So there we were off for the evening show of 19.15 hrs. He was stuck with some of his old company friends and took a bit long then expected to come and pick me up. It seemed that with the heavy traffic system of bangalore we might either miss the movie being not able to get the tickets (the movie being going very famous was the reason of this fear) or else would miss the beginning.
Finally we were there at 5 past 7 to see a small Q of 4 people standing with me being the fifth one. Also relieving was the fact that the show was scheduled at 7.30 p.m.
With 25 mins. to spare we planned to have a quick dinner at the Bhagini restaurant just in front of the Innovative multiplex. It was necessary since the movie would end by 22.00 hrs by which time almost all the restaurants of Bangalore are closed!!!!
After a heavy dinner we were seated in our respective places just in time and the movie started.
First shot: a bunch of cool guys and gals shrieking song “Jane tu ya jane na” in a car to airport (chill down!!! no offence, totally acceptable being the first scene of movie) shifting to discussion among friends and a newcomer in the group (as a date of somebody in the group) that moves on story telling of a particular love story. It then converts to a dream with a horse riding and a table with a desktop and suddenly a phone ringing, bringing us out of dream to reality with hero (jay) consoling her friend Myaw (don’t remember actual name) who is unhappy since her cat is not well and finally died, followed by a mourning meeting with every body praying that the cats soul gets the peace, cut to a song Kabhi kabhi (a high pitch nasel attempt, reminding Himesh Reshamiya, who possibly would have done better job with his oooohs and aaaaahs) to bring smile back on girls face. Whole of the college then attempts their skill to bring back that just one smile. (Just wonder why were the professors and other non- teaching staffs were not involved in this exercise). Just remind me of the rubbish college scenes from the old famous (once again) movie Kuch kuch hota hai (I guess that the name of movie with Shahrukh, Rani and Kajol. Forgive my ignorance if I am wrong).
I just wonder why some particular person is important for whole of the college!!! I don’t remember anybody from my college being so popular and so important for the college.
The exercise continues further and hell I suddenly realize this is a horrible movie. How can somebody enjoy such a crap movie.
I cannot write about the further events in the movie since they go on becoming more and more difficult to digest. It just reminds me of my earlier experience of watching movies like Bombay to Bangkok and Tashan!!!!!! This movie ranks third (or may be competing for second position with Tashan) in this list.
Few other notes and queries about the movie
Imran khan, the hero of the movie I found has a tinch of Aamir khan and Hrithik Roshan. The looks ofcourse go close to Aamir, a bit of acting skills also but the dialogue delivery and body language resembles Hrithik a lot. I realized it first in the scene where he was supposed to fight to some guy who called him “Fattu” in front of myaw. Since then I started thinking whom does he resemble, but no success. The answer suddenly clicked me while coming out of the theatre.
But, all in all, still his acting skills are good and I would prefer to watch his movies if it comes to opt between some of his movie or of Abhishek Bachhan.
There were no expectations from Jenelia (Myaw) and soon it turn true when she opened her mouth to utter her initial words in the movie. Possibly her accent went acceptable with the fact that her brother also spoke with similar accent giving a hint that whole family might be speaking this way.
Whole movie I was wondering what is the occupation of Jay’s mother which makes her run behind Inspector Waghmare. Was it all to add some spice to the movie hinting to possible revenge attempt by Inspector on Jay in the later part of movie!!! Paresh Rawal here did ok job but then totally disappointed by uttering words “re baba” in his typical “Ganapatrao Apte character” tone of Herapheri.
The characters of Nasiruddin Shah, Sohail khan and Arbaz khan were humorous but considering other events happening in the movie I had lost interest and could not enjoy them. I again wonder how suddenly in the jail Jay realized that the two khans are his beloved Bhalu and Bhagira bhaiyya. No such explanation in earlier part of movie that he has two brothers with such names!!!
Nasiruddin’s portrait scenes remind me more of Hogwarts school of magic.
Well the list can go a way long but will stop criticizing movie with last one query. When Jay was in jail, he was requesting Inspector to allow him to make one call to myaw, which was denied. I just wonder why he did not tried the same when he was allowed to move out the jail!!!! Considering “always logical” manner of Aamir khan, this seems to me a stupid lacunae. Agree movie would not have end in that case with a ‘fantastic’ climax, but may be he should have shown making one or two failed attempts, then saying “Damn it” and then riding the horse!!!
Its not a criticism now but again a query. What would have happened if Myaw had found boyfriend before Jay found his girl friend. I guess, looking at their characters, things would have been different and might the story have ended on different note.
Enough of criticism, now few things I appreciate in the movie.
First and foremost thing, the movie is well made. The direction was very clear with no lacunae, and queries like how this happened? What happened to that? Except at the end showing Mr. Bogot. I am unaware if any humor or reference is hidden in it.
The movie was clean having no dialogues with double meaning.
“pappu can’t dance” song went well. Did enjoyed the beats (Only continuous 4-5 amusing minutes in the whole movie).
Few scenes I liked in the movie include
The uneasiness in the scene where Jay wants to get down of the car with his girl friend but Myaw insists he should stay and move on with her in the car.
The siblings conversation pertaining to the loneliness experienced and lived by Myaw’s brother.
Inspectors reporting on walkie-talkie informing that the terrorist has been arrested who is shouting “Myaw, Myaw” loudly and further sings the song “Jane tu ya Jane na”.
Last but not the least, I feel the movie went famous only because of the fact that it is connected to Aamir Khan. People expected a logical and a very well made movie from Aamir’s group. Though these expectations might have been fulfilled to certain extent but still Aamir’s magic is not seen anywhere (atleast to me).
I think I must stop writing now my comments on this movie now. Words already written are capable enough to ruin me. Guess what, I am forwarding these comments to my fiancée who enjoyed the movie the most.
May be, hereafter, I will be stated as an example to the saying “Aapne hi paun pe kulhadi mar lena”.
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