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Nightmare come true

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I made a mistake today, (seems a blunder at the moment) that too after keeping in mind not to commit it.
Since the time I started using internet banking I started getting nightmares of transferring money to an unknown account.
I had to transfer some money to one account. I already have taken experience of using money transfer facility available in internet banking. So this time I was bit relaxed with the fact that I am aware of all the processes I need to go through to transfer money. And believe me I actually did not do wrong myself on carrying out any step. But still the mistake has been made.
Today morning I transferred money to an account in corporation bank. The recipient had sent me the account number through mail. Few other details were also provided. And all these details were written in mail with a serial number allotted for every information.
Like 1. Name : --- 2. Account no. XXXYYXU4523. MICR no. ---------
Now if you don’t read it carefully and immediately start putting this provided information to create payee’s account, then you are in trouble. Same thing happened with me.
If you watch closely there is a space between the information for the name and the next serial number 2, but could you find any space between account number data and the serial number 3!!!!!
That is where I went wrong.
I put the account number along with 3.
Surprisingly the transaction succeeded.
Bu when the recipient told me she has not received the money, I sensed the trouble. I cross- checked the account number by sending her the sms I received from my bank. Things then started getting clear. The account number actually ends at 2 and 3 is the next serial number meant for MICR no.
I actually saw stars in front of my eyes (they are still there). The recipient called the corporation bank and enquired. She told me that no account with the number I provided exist and so my money will revert back to my account. I oculd not see any such thing happening. I went downstairs and asked in my bank. There I came to know that I need to write an email to the manager informing what has happened after which with in 7 working days the money will be deposited back to my account.
I do not know if at all it will be deposited back in my account. Only thing I can do is pray god to make my life easy by depositing it back without any more hassles and not making me run around for getting it done.
But I just wonder how on earth my night mare has come true.
PS: I would request every one using computer to take some efforts on formatting there letters so as to avoid any such hassles. This was just a mistake but it may creat blunders too.
I was struggling to find a story to post and see how I ended up with a horrible one.
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