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Night time strolling

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Yesterday it was a horrible night for me. Though I am used to such nights now days, but it reached the limit yesterday.
There are lots of stray dogs in my surrounding. Not totally stray dogs, but the ones familiar to the residents of the place, still free to move around.
There is this one dog (female) (I think I can call it a bitch), which is at the root of all the trouble.
It has a very bad habit and that is the cause of my trouble.
It starts barking at the very odd hours of night and kept on doing so till the time you don’t wake up and loose your sleep.
It makes you come down on the street and search for some thing that you can throw at it and make way for a safer sleep.
No doubt the dog is otherwise very innocent (looks) in daytime, and don’t do prolonged barking at night with any malicious reason.
Yesterday, the dog was at its best and I had the worst of the nights.
Yesterday night witnessed a record breaking 7 hrs 45 minutes prolonged barking that started at 10.30 p.m. and continued till morning 6.15 A.M and just stopped 15 minutes prior to my time to wake up.
I was on the street at all the odd hours of night making a feeble attempt to make the dog go away so as to get a peaceful sleep for rest of the time available.
But all efforts went in vain. The dog and adamant and had probably made a firm decision to brake all its earlier records.
I was wondering was it only me who was troubled by the dog and how all rest of the people living there are not troubled, because I did not found any body else than the dog and myself moving around at those odd hours.
One more thing that made me think is what happens to all those stones, which we find lying on the roads in the daytimes. At that crisis time when I desperately wanted their help, none of them were insight!!!!
I just find me fortunate that I am staying at the ground floor. This reduced my efforts to just come out of house, search for a stone and then try to hit it in the direction of dog.
What would have happened if I had been staying at the second, third or higher floors!!!
(I am ignoring the fact that the trouble would have been less at that height and some body is searching for the stones)
I have decided that here onwards I will go home from bus stop collecting all the stones coming in my way!!!
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