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Aaha!! Here’s a weekend. A Long awaited one.
It reminds me of one of the weekend Saturday I spent with hundreds of maharashtrians, met outside maharashtra, in Maharashtra Mandal, Bangalore.
With the help of Mr. R who now has shifted to Pune, I had a chance to attend an event “Jallosh - 08” organized by “Gathi-Bheti” group located in Bangalore.
The day started with an early wake up call at 5.15 a.m. Bit unusual since in last many days I have not opened my eyes before 7.00 o’clock. I was ready by 6.00 and was on the bus by 6.15. Had to change 3 buses before reaching Mr. R’s house in Bangalore, where Mrs. R. joined me. We still had to collect our tickets for the event. Mrs. R’s friend had warned her to reach the Maharashtra Mandal in Gandhinagar near Majestic by 9.00 o’clock other wise he will not give us the tickets (although the program started at 10.00 !!!). We made it to the destination much before time. Once reached there we came to know that only tea/coffee had been arranged. Mrs. R prompted me that last time they served the break fast!!!! So, we were left no option then to take a cup of coffee and settle down in our seats. The program started only by 10.00 making us seat idly for a long time.
Once the chief guest arrived, the program shoot off with the usual Deep Prajavalan Karyakram. The two coordinators arrived on the podium, introducing their group “Gathi-Bheti” with their Ghosh-wakya “Aamhi kahihi karto” landing on our ears after every third line in the introduction. But all in all it was a good introduction drifting us in to the feeling of “Aamhi kahihi karto” literally meaning “ we do anything”.
I don’t exactly remember, but if I am right, it was followed by “powada”, a kind of song sung at the top of the voice, loudly to stress a point, mostly representing evidence of important historical events. But it has also been successfully used to spread the words of social cause.
A funny conversation between two coordinators then followed with one of them acting a drunkard. A competition between them with one saying beautiful, philosophical, romantic poems, while another (drunkard) manipulating the same poems with a sense of alcoholism in it. The tussle between Charolya (4 liner poems) with Darolya (same poems with essence of alcohol) was rather amusing.
A small play (called Ekankika) was then presented about a person’s time out in an asylum brought there by mistake. A very poor attempt to make people laugh was then made by 4 girls preaching the lessons of time management in the form of Pravachan. I think the only program in the whole set, which received clapping much before it finished (do I need to write the very intentions of early clapping). Last session before lunch was a musical treat with songs from different periods of marathi cinema sung by different vocalists.
After the musical treat was the time for real treat - the maharashtrian food. I was dying to have it since it has a long time I have had good food. The lunch was fantastic with Shrikhanda as the sweet dish. Guess what!! now a days I find myself getting more and more inclined towards Shrikhanda !!!! Can you help me reason out why is that so!!!! Anyway, the food was good and I was happy.
While settling down back in the hall, we realized it’s getting more humid and sweaty. A probable rain in the evening was knocking at the door. With all the doors closed and curtains down, the heat grew more and more. To add to it, a presentation giving details of Mahrashtra Mandal right from the history of its making to its new ambitions was presented. It was funny and a meager attempt to impress people by reading out what all was written on the slide. On top of it, most of the presentation slides were in English!! In the mean time I realized rain has started pouring down the cloud. It was lurching me to come out of that boring atmosphere and get drenched in the rain. But as you all know me very well, I have a great control on my mind and so nothing happened.
Then came the relief in the form the chief guest, Shri Dilip Prabhavalkar walking up the stage. Interaction with him in the form of interview was arranged with a lady asking questions to the guest regarding all different characters played by him as part of play, TV serials and then the big screen. I am not sure if this is what his famous “Mukhavate aani Chehere” is all about or was it just a modified version to be accommodated in the program. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because it finally succeeded in entertaining us to the fullest. The clip he showed from his very old TV serial Chiman rao was too hilarious. At one point I was about to loose my conscious with all the good food taken in some times back to come out. I realized at times that I was gasping for air with whole of the time space occupied by the laugh riot. It was sensational. He then performed and presented many others of his characters on stage. I appreciate them all but the one which took me by surprise was the make over he did to himself infront of us with minor additions to his normal face. With in few minutes Mr. Prabhavalkar was changed to a 90 years old Krishnaji rao!!! What ever he then presented there touched the heart of every soul in the hall. In very few words he brought us face to face with the problems faced by an old age person. I think this was the biggest treat I received that day.
Hold on!!! But this was not the end. Picture abhi baki hai mere dost. The program was yet to finish. This great performance by Shri Prabhavalkar was followed by a classical dance on song Breatheless. I feel people around found it a very good concept, but I was not much amused, since I had seen a similar performance by a guy, done only few days back on Boogie Woogie. Another dance performance on a recent famous song “kombadi” then followed. It was an ok performance, but gained once more shout and so re-performed. The last two performances actually gave me a feeling of attending a college gathering.
In the mean time, heavily pouring rain had stopped and with the end of the program, we were also free altogether to move back to home.
Grabbing the much awaited and urgently required cup of tea out of the big crowd, we made our way out in search of an auto.
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