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The compliment, the power and the responsibility

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Not every day ends on such a good note. And if it is a Friday, then nothing like it.
The day started with routine business. Some work, a bit mail checking followed by a cup of coffee. Some more work, some more e-mailing, a quick discussion, a compulsary followed up with a cup of tea. And there, we are in the lunch break.
Atmosphere for the story of the day start building up after this very lunch break. It’s Friday, second one in fortnight, the day when the IPR team visits every lab and reviews lab notebooks of the people working in the lab.
When I returned from Lunch, I found almost every single person in his/her seat (a usual picture on alternate Fridays) busy completing his/her lab notebook. Well, I never needed to worry about such last minute completions. Every body knows Dr. Kaustubh is very much punctual about time.
The time arrived when the IPR team was in our office. The team consisted of three people, two boys and a girl. The girl (Ms. R) falls under the category of not great, but still a beautiful girl. After checking two other notebooks, she arrived at my desk. I had already kept opened (unlike others!!) the pages in the notebook to be reviewed. The sole purpose behind all this was to make my as well her life easy and to save time (time is money).
Ms. R went through all the pages two-three times and then suddenly stopped with no expression on her face. And then in not so very sweet voice said
“I have to tell you something”.
Now these words took me back for a fraction of seconds. Since I am a new entry in the organization, I am still not confident with the proceedings in the organization, and so I expected some new suggestions coming my way.
I said “ Yes, anything wrong!!”
Ms. R “ You have a very beautiful handwriting”
Speechless for few moments, some thing sweet landing on ears, although the voice was not.
I just managed to say “Thank you”. Dr. Kaustubh knows how to keep emotions in control.
It’s first time I received a compliment for my handwriting from some unknown person. This made me happy.
I went home being happy. But that’s not the end. It later triggered a series of thoughts in my mind. It also brought another feeling in my mind.
I remember Spiderman’s uncle telling him “power always come with a sense of responsibility”.
Those words then struck my mind then.
So, now here onwards whenever Ms. R will come to review my notebook, she would expect similar handwriting. May be next time she will not praise it, but if it is not up to the mark, there is a big possibility she may comment alternatively. So, it may happen that I would start concentrating more on the quality of the handwriting but in the process possibly the quality of the real matter to put in may degrade!!!!
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