Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Weather Forcast ! To be or not to be!

Ka Jo
Weather forecast system in India really seems to be a joke. It almost never come true. They say, it is a science. But, I have now started doubting it. If weather forecast is a science, then Astrology must also be. Recently there was heavy rainfall in Mumbai. I wrote a post about the same here.
I don't really remember receiving any warning about such a heavy downpour from the weather forecast department. If at all they gave warning, it definitely did not reach the common man. What happened that day of 29th August, was once in a lifetime experience for many. Now, the weather department said, the next day i.e. August 30 is also going to be heavy rainfall. They infact requested everyone to not to leave their home if not necessary. All the school, colleges, offices closed down that day. I remember staying back at home the next day, waiting for that downpour, just to experience how it feels safe at home while watching a heavy downpour. But I don't remember, even a drop of rain falling down that day.
Now this week end, once again the department released a warning, about heavy rainfall, just like that of August 29 to take place with in next 72 hours. Now, this warning came I guess on Saturday. A news about the same appeared in Maharastra times on Monday. I was about to believe and get scared and to make arrangements of food and necessary things for next 3 days and stay at home, but then I saw by mistake the comments made under the news. It has kind of relieved me and took off all my worries. Its almost 72 hours over for the warning news I heard, and now while I am writing this post, some rain has started outside. It will interesting to see, if this gears up and turns into another heavy downpour.
But I can resist form sharing the news and a couple of comments reflecting the general attitude of people towards weather forecast. The news is in Marathi, I hope you get a hang of it.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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