Thursday, September 14, 2017

Photogenic ! Yeah

Last Saturday, early morning,  I went to a garden nearby my home. It was a lazy Saturday, I guess.  While moving around in the garden, I came across this set of benches arranged in one of the corners of the garden. On one of those benches, two puppies were lying lazily. It was an awesome moment worth capturing. As I reached near them and took out my camera to take a snap, a kid from no where came in the seen and disturbed that lazy moment. He started pushing the puppies around. As a result, the position where in the two puppies were closely lying together lazily and were creating a beautiful moment was disturbed. One of the puppy, just moved a bit aside and went back to sleep mode. The other one, was an interesting character. It was lazy no doubt, to get up and do anything, but it was attentive enough to look up and give a beautiful pose. The pose compensated for the moment I lost a couple of minutes ago. Those are some deep eyes with loads of expressions hidden inside.

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