Monday, September 11, 2017

The bluest sea seen @ Marseille

Ka Jo
I visited Marseille sometime back, while in France. A couple of reasons to visit the place.  I was keen to have a look at the sea at some coast of Europe. That's why earlier I tried to touch a sea coast on the north western side of the Europe at Delft. Unlike my expectation, the sea at this coast was rather bland and uninspiring. Ofcourse, it might be a wrong day to visit the place. But, we have always seen in different movies a blueish shade of color of the sea water, that awestruck you. I was in search of such a sea. And finally I found it in the Mediterranean sea. Just at the southern coast of France is this place, which kind of play a role of connecting point between France and some of the neighboring countries including a few from Africa. It can directly connect France through sea route to Algeria and Tunisia. I found people from all these countries living together in the city.
Another reason why I wanted to visit the place, was it being a connection with Vir Savarkar. One of the legendary revolutionary from India. Once caught in England and being brought back to India via sea route, he escaped through the toilet hole on the ship and swam through the rough weather of Mediterranean and landed at Marseille. Of course he was caught later on. But his attempt is marked as an attempt of great escape in history. I wanted to know, if there is any symbolic presence of this adventure in the place. But apparently there is none.

The sea as I said, fulfills the imagined blue sea version. I couldn't resist trying to capture the depth of  sea. So, a full zoom snap of nearby island form with a nearing ferry is captured. But all said and done, the sea is blue to the core. Simply Amazing

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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