Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Home grown Bittergourds and Royale atmos - ways to keep home clean

Ka Jo

This is an ad (available on youtube on Creative Insight media channel) for the most recent product royale atmos by the Asian paints. More details here:
Now the ad hints at the kind of unimaginable pollution that resides inside our houses. When I came across this ad, I made fun of it. Thought about it as a new gimmick introduced as Diwali is approaching.
But then in my personal life I started realizing few things. Our apartment is roadside. Naturally, the heavy traffic brings in loads of dust and pollution in through the window. Results are inevitable. A couple of members of the family are suffering with cuffs entering in the zone of Bronchitis. Young people do not realize it as easily as old as well as very young ones suffer. We do not realize, how quietly this dust enters our house and gets settled at very unimaginable areas. Just try to clean you fans not regularly but say after 3 weeks. The amount of dust that settles and the extent to which the fine particles they are, makes me some times wonder, what air are we breathing. No wonder, the ads like this have started hitting our Televisions.
 We had couple of  small plants in the gallery. Never really bothered earlier to take care of those plants. Once in a while, would water them. To add, loads of pigeons and crows make the life of these plants a living hell, I guess. With so many adverse conditions around, it must be really difficult for these plants to survive. Then, recently, I came across some people who are in farming, gardening, making manure out of waste etc. A couple of talks with them made me realize, why shouldn't I also try my hands with it. Its not altogether a new thing for me. Had a big garden, way back some 20 years ago, maintained whole and sole by us.
So, I decided to try it one more time. Got some marigold flowers. Put them in a couple of flowerpots, covered under soil. Kept watering. This kind of triggered enthusiasm in my mother too. She saved some seeds(I guess)  of bittergourds, recently cooked at home. Put them in a couple of other pots. We made some manure at home too. Consistency paid off. Slowly and steadily both the Marigold plants as well as bitter gourd started growing. While the marigold plants grew in length vertically, the bittergourd one grew vertically, then horizontally and now it is growing in anywhich direction possible for it. Above picture is a result of these efforts that a couple of bittergourds have grown and ready to eat soon.
This is actually a secondary advantage. The prime one, is that these plants have kind of created a filter which cuts down loads of dust particles, unknowingly entering our home. A significant change is observed in the health conditions of the family members as a result.
But, now I am not going to stop at level only. I will go ahead and try to make the house atmosphere absolutely clean. These plants will help me to an extent to do that, but to reach an ultimate level of safe and clean air condition, now I am going to make use of this new product Royale atmos. I am sure, it  will bring about a drastic change in the overall quality of life.
Changing conditions out of our control may not be always possible, but we still can do a lot to improve things inside our premises.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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