Monday, September 18, 2017

Tantrums!! The story behind the picture

Ka Jo
What do you know about tantrums?
So, the kid while on his way to the school, with his father, is all in a good mood. His father is happy, as the school dropping task of the day seems easy today. Suddenly, things change. Just round the corner of the school, the kid decides to play a different game. He stops frozen at a place, giving no clue behind this sudden change in the ongoing good plan. The father tries all possible ways of persuasion manageable in public place and broad day light. But things doesn't seem to change.
Finally, the father tries the last possible method known to him.
                He moves a bit distance away towards the school, all the time looking at the kid. And then, from the pocket, he takes out one thing that may lure the kid to shift his base. He points the thing towards the kid....... 

and clicks!!
Yes, that works. Just the thought of getting clicked excites the kid and he moves from his place running towards the father, giving all different poses on the way. Yes! Photos and photography are the new ways of persuasion for today's kids.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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