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Persistent efforts never fail

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I am going to miss a big fun here onwards.
After a long and big rally, today finally the opponent on the other side of the net succumbed.
In this fight I had to use many weapons, I lost on many fronts, but I never gave up.
It did cost me at times but I was firm.
Others would have reached the stage of mental trauma, but I learnt to overcome all the pressures and reached a stage where I started enjoying the battle.

It was a fight between me and the customer care support.
I had to get my postpaid connection disconnected.

Being lazy enough to personally go to some Airtel office and get it disconnected, I preferred to do it via customer care support. Another intention behind using this approach was the toll free facilty available.
What's wrong in using a facilty which don't require you moving even a single step and also not to pay a single penny.
My initial attempts to disconnect the number was directed by then customer care support (CCS) into an attempt to get it transferred to my new location.Even after initial igonorance towards the request, CCS was firm on its stand to convince me. I was told about different advantages of this relocation facility like no tranfering charges, retaining all the facilties of present number and also retaining the last five digits of my present number as it is.Now it makes no much sense to retain last five digits, but at that time they caught me in words.It was not just firm, but was also strong enough to finally get me into the trap.
Yes I was in to the trap.
They entered a request to tranfer my postpaid connection to my new location. I received a procedure and a date by which things will be smootly done. I found no reason to reject the offer as it offered me to do no work for this.
I was happy and was relocated to new place.
Kept waiting till the date which was supposed to be the dead line.
I decided to take a tough stand and dialed the CCS.
Not one but two big blows I received with this call.
A sweet voice on the other side told me that no such relocation facility is available!!!
I got a jolt but sooner recovered.
There itself I decided not to give up and give a cool headed fight.I explained all the earlier conversations with the CCS in detail. I wasn't much worried till then since it was a toll free number. I guess the CCS realised it sooner and so gave me another jolt.
I was told that they can't do anything and gave me a new contact number. This new number would connect me to the CCS of my earlier location.
And friends this was not a toll free number !!!
A big question stood infront of me.Totally confused on the path to be taken.
But since I had decided to do the things with cool head no matter what comes infront of me, I took a step ahead.
The dialled number took me through the journey of dialling and selecting different options made for different purposes.
I managed to overcome all the difficulties and reached CCS to explain my problem.
Once again the request was taken and a new date was given.
To my surprise, there was no record of my previous request.
But this time some thing did happened.
After few days, I received a massage from some number a nd soon followed by a call who took my address and appointment to meet me.
A new blow awaiting!!
I was supposed to arrange for some documents. This was acceptable, but I was also supposed to pay some tranfer free!!! which was not mentioned by previous CCS even after repeated questionings.
By this time I had reached a stage to give everything they want but to get the number transferred.
And do not forget, I was all the time keeping my head cool.
On scheduled date the fellow came to pick up the documents. I was made to go through all the formalities that we do while taking a new connection. I also paid some fees which here was termed as tranfer fee. Now I was given a new number and to my surprise 5 of the digits were matching with the one in earlier number but their sequences were altogether different.
I questioned the guy immeditely being myself very active, but was soon made to realize that you are a fool and you got into a trap.
So, I paid the charges, followed all the formalities, got a number with nonmatching last five digits and at the end was also told to call the CCS of precious location to disconnect my earlier number!!!!
Waw!!! I learnt a new definition of relocation.
Since then I was calling the CCS of precious location on that non toll free number.
Would like to enlist the responses I used to get:
Sorry sir, there is no such request available with us.
Sorry sir, But you need to pay your outstandings first!!! ( for unused facilities!!).
Sorry sir, but you need contact on another number. After dialling ********** please dial 1113 and submit you request. ( After ********** I had to dial 11111113 !!!)
Anyway, I kept submitting the request to disconnect the number, was keeping track of my requests since they do not seem to have any such facilty (seems they regularly delete every days requests and complaints). Got so much used to do this that I can now submit my request while in deep sleep also.
And all these days my previous number was active and they were even updating my bill for the services not used.
This would have continued long unless I would have used the only Brahmastra remaining with me.
Being cool at head and in voice, once I firmly told them that I won't be paying bills anymore and it is there responsibilty to disconnect the number.
This I guess finally worked and today I can see my number finally disconnected.
After all this jugglery, still the fight is not over. I am supposed to get ~ Rs.150.00 refund back remaining out of my deposit paid earlier.
Am still wondering whether to get into this get new fight or not. I might have to spend as good as Rs. 500-1000 on calls to get my deposits back. That's what is making me think

During this whole process I newly learnt to be calm. The person on the other side always used to be very calm, may whatever you say. This automatically makes you calm.

A word of advise to all my friends who might locate in near or future:

Never transfer, Always disconnect
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