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What comes in your mind when you hear a number like 146?
Well the answer is relative.
It depends on what suffix is attached to the number.
If you say 146 Rs. then may be in today's context it is a small amount.
It you add KG after the number then what appears in front of your eyes is a massive body (over weight) which is a center of laugh for every body around.
If you add days after the number, then it refers to almost half of an year. Nearly five months.
You might be wondering, Why am I speaking of number 146?
Because those are the number of days after which I attempted to write my new post.
Yes it is 146 days since my last post.
Lot of things happened in these many days.
Even,lot many stories in mind kept waiting to come into picture,but that never happened.
In coming I will try to bring them all alive.
Hope now there won't be any more disruptions.

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