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Success is sweet!!!!!

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Remember the TV ads recently, highlighting cheaper sms (10 paise) charges.
I do not remember which company announced this scheme. But the ads show a person who comes to know a good news. And He/She wants to share it with people but no body is around.
His/her body language says he is very excited and can't withstand the excitement.
And in such a situation what comes to help is this sms facilty which is very cheap and can help you share the news to as many people you wish.

Well, I was in a similar situation today.
After a big struggle, finally I today managed to get my script running successfully.
It was a big task for me.

When I started working on it, I had no idea what to do and how to proceed.
I was not even knowing the ABCD of the stuff.
I even don't had any help available with me.
For the sake of help, i just had this internet facility and few conversations with one of my friend sitting thousands of kilometers away.
Started working right from scratch, in a time span of almost 3 weeks, today I managed to crack it.
The moment it started working , I was thrilled and wanted to tell somebody about the success.
But to my surprise nobody was around. It was lunch time then and only me was sitting in the whole office.
Anyways, I am very happy with my own success and just want to show all : It's RUNNING!!!!!!!!!
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