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The Astronaut Farmer

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Last night I watched the movie "The Astronaut Farmer".

As always I missed the beginning. In fact this time a major part of the story was over.
So, will present here what I could make out from rest of the story.
The story speaks about Mr. Charles Farmer who I guess at some point of time was training for a space mission but was discharged out of his services for some reasons.
This puts a brake to his dream of traveling in space.
He then decides to make this dream come true on his own.
Overcoming all the problems appearing on family as well as financial fronts and also facing the opposition from the US government over his personal rocket launching, he finally manages to arrange his first attempt to launch his space journey. But his being solo attempt, thanks to furious fight with in the family the earlier night, something goes wrong and instead of vertical launching, the rocket takes a horizontal route which crosses through the media people standing at the gates of his house. The capsule finally drops at a long distance from the launching pad bringing back Mr. Farmer home with lots of injuries.
With all such things thus happening Mr. Farmer decides to give up his plan to chase the dream. In next few months, things change with all their financial problems solved.
In the mean time Mrs. Farmer realize why Mr. Farmer is chasing his dream. He dont wanted to repeat the example of his father who earlier had failed in the race of chasing his dream.
With better financial conditions and support from the family Mr. Farmer once again decides to make his dream come true.
This time he was not alone. Things all go fine and as planned with every member in the family providing their helping hand.
Finally Mr. Farmer manages to travel to the space.
Just to add some spice, his communication is lost with the base i.e. his home.
He revolves around the earth many times in that lost state.
But he finally gets the connection just when he is some where about his own house.
He decides toget down on earth and accordingly plan with the family so that once he land on earth his family members can come in their car and pick him up and move on to nearest restaurant to eat pizza.
Sounds crazy but looks good while watching the movie.
Billy Bob Thornton played the role of Mr. Farmer. This has been a very different role by him unlike earlier ones in Mr. Woodcock or School for Scoundrels. So was a bit difficult to digest in the beginning.
But overall its a good movie and I recommend to watch it at least once.
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