Monday, July 17, 2017

Rain - refreshing once again

Ka Jo

The rain is back in the town. And so am I. Ofcourse, I was in the town all this time, but I am trying to back in the blogging world once again. It is so difficult to be consistent here. No matter, which so ever, I plan to be persistent, I consistently fail to be so. I sometimes envy people  like





and few more like them, who are exhaustively consistent in this space. I follow them and try to take inspiration to be consistent, but all my efforts go in vain.

I have this efficiency meter installed on my blog in the form of IndiRank and Alexarank, which kind of tell me how badly I am doing on my blog.

I am not sure how exactly Indirank function, but at time I have touched upto rank 88 there, and then I dropped down to as low as 30. If we remove the quality quotient out of it, mostly the drop is related to my inconsistency in posting here.

Alexarank is something, I try to improvise sincerely, whenever I am regular here. So, while I was consistent to post, I could improvise it to touch the mark 100,000 rank, and at times, I am hardly logging in to my blog, the rank shattered down to as low as 2, 38, 87, 958th rank or something of that level. Now, again it has come below 1,00,00,000 mark.

That kind of made me take a few steps to rejuvenate the blog. I am not sure, how successful I would to keep it running in coming days, considering a very schedule for next few months, but still, am making an attempt.

So, here, I am positing an old photograph already posted, but would fit well again to the situation. Just like the monsoon has become active once again, after a gap in Maharashtra, I too am trying to get active in this space. A refreshing start is all that we want for the reason. So, a snap of a beautiful flower just bathed in the light rain, taken sometimes back in the backyard of my Paris home , is what I am offering you today.

Have a look and enjoy your day.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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