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An inspiring video of a Japanese kid

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A couple of days back, I received a video in one of my whatsapp group. A note preceding the video mentions about a Japanese kid, who fails to crossover a barrier by jumping over it, a couple of times. After four such failed attempts, all his friends gather around him and do an act of cheering him up. What follows later is just mind blowing. The way this boy transforms in later few seconds and make a successful jump over the barrier is just awesome. This video really made me happy to an extent that I downloaded it and saved a copy, to view occasionally, when ever there is a need for me to motivate myself. Today, I decided to go one step ahead, and am sharing this video on my youtube channel for all of you to enjoy and turn positive by sparing just a couple of minutes out of your busy schedule.

The quality of video may not be very good, as it is downloaded from Whatsapp. If that is a case, I searched online and came across few other copies of the same video already uploaded elsewhere. You may then watch those copies here:

Credit goes to the person, who was present at this event physically,took this video and moreover decided to share it publically with all of us.
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