Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rain Rain go away! Mumbai potholes are here to stay!!

Ka Jo


Last couple of days it is raining incessantly in Mumbai. As much as we love this heavily down pouring rain of Mumbai, we equally hate the water logging situations and the worst ever possible conditions of the roads. Well, may be because of the topography of the city, it is difficult to curb the waterlogging situations in pressure situations like heavy downpours. But, how can we not improve the quality of roads to sustain such heavy rains plus heavy traffic on it. It is totally a man made thing, which can be prepared as per our requirements. Now, Mumbai rain and Mumbai traffic are no new things which changes in every monsoon. While the traffic situation continues to grow as always, the rain here also show similar nature in every monsoon. There are few bouts of heavy and constant rains for couple of days across four months. Rest of the days, either it does not rain, or it is controlled showers of 15-20 minutes at a stretch.

If we know so well the pattern and intensity of the rain, why is it difficult to take measures and make roads which can sustain this level of rain. Are we saying that, the heaviest ever kind of rain happens only in Mumbai and nowhere else? If it rains like those horror days of July 26, its a different case. But present day rain is no where close to that and still the situation is at the worst.
I happen to cross a small patch of road near Wadala bridge every day. Believe me, that patch is the best example of patched up road. It has everything. It starts with partly made cemented road. In between there is I guess Tar road. And to make up, at some places you will find patches of paver blocks, which at most places have come out. This patch has been dug across the length many a times (atleast 6-8 times) in last 1-1.5 years for some pipeline work by the work. It goes without saying, once dug, it remains in that situation for atleast 3-4 weeks. Once this pipeline work is done, the patch work done to so called levelling the road is just an another addition to all ready present patches. Crossing this patch is no less than taking an experience of trekking on the roads or driving on those wild life safari roads.

Today morning while reading newspaper, I went blank on reading "पाऊसच एवढा पडतो, त्याला पालिका काय करणार?" ( a quote given by Present Shivsena Chief Uddhav Thakrey. I wonder, is it the same person, who is instigating us through his editorial columns in Samaana to attack Pakistan and finish it once and for all? You sound helpless in front of a regularly occurring phenomena of rain, and how do you plan to attack and conquer a nuclear weapon owning country! I have no more words to add  to it. There is no positivity in his words or seem no intention to overcome this issue. All they can do is to fill up those potholes and be happy with that. They don't seem to have any plan to eradicate this whole problem of getting potholes itself. I wonder, if we can find and elect people who actually have a solution to the day to day problems of common man.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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