Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Justin Bieber: gracing India for 4 days !!!

Ka Jo
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What is the talk of the town today? Its Justin Bieber.
The kind of words we are hearing about his India visit, I guess, were previously heard during Michael Jackson's visit. Back then, probably it could be justified, because he was "The Michael Jackson". He was the king in his field. His songs made an impression on people's mind. It was pretty much like a revolution. Who can forget his Moonwalks.

I frankly speaking did not follow him. But one day, when I reached my office, some of my people were very sad, almost on the verge of crying. On enquiring, I came to know, that Michael Jackson died. I was little shocked to hear this, but that made me realise, how deep impact he and his songs had on his fans. My colleagues were talking for hours that day about him and  about the philosophy behind his songs. That made me check on youtube all the songs available, and I really found them intriguing. Whether it be "Black or White" or "They don't really care about us". All those songs were making statements, which I believe revolutionized a generation.
So, when such a person arrived in India for the concert, the way arrangements were made for him, I could justify it. He was no less than god for many around.

In contrast, here is a 22 years old Canadian singer, who rose to the peak as a YouTube sensation. Once again, frankly speaking, I have never followed him or his songs. But, I do use to watch Ellen DeGeneres show, where he has been a frequent visitor. I actually know more about him through memes, which frequently keep emerging on social networks. I only once tried to listen to his songs, but his "Baby, baby, baby" chant pushed me away very soon.
Now, had he arrived in India, did his concert and left, it would not have really mattered. That would have been usual. But, what is garnering attention, are the unusual demand list he has produced. Surprisingly, the organizers are leaving no stones unturned to take care of his wish list. I am amazed at this. I tried to read through his wish list, and had to leave in between, because even going through that list was too much for me. Security concerns are fine, but whats all about changing the over all interiors of the suite as per his requirement. Living in a five/seven star full AC hotel and asking for some specific kinds and large number of  drinks makes no sense. How much is going to drink, to keep himself healthy? I wondered the most, about bringing in a female masseuse straight from Kerala completely dedicated to his services for four days. I am not sure, how much of this is true, but a lot has been written about it all over. Check this:

Well, he has the rights to put his demands. What awes us is the way, Indians are ready to fill in any sort of demand coming their way. And why won't they? Apparently, a single platinum ticket costs around Rs. 79,000, with the lowest value of the ticket being Rs. 5000. The organizers are going to make loads of money, so, they won't mind to listen any kind of your demand, provided, you make money for them. Rest of the things doesn't matter.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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